DriveMeta holds minority equity investments in the following companies:

The Elevated Team Program
A cutting-edge corporate wellness program designed to transform your workplace into a hub of productivity, positivity, and success.
Successful companies require a great business system and management.  Projectworks helps you fulfill projects seamlessly and accurately.
Trackforce VALIANT
An efficiently-designed security workforce process matters tremendously to any organization. Get a real-time tracking ability of your Security personnel with a Security Guard Management
Modern labor force needs modern training resources.  An expert is not born, but is shaped by experience.  CERTD delivers quality lessons to produce competent
Tech talents are all over the world but finding the one your business needs is quite a challenge.  With SBR2TH, tech recruitment is made

Below is a partial list of the Private Equity and Venture teams we have worked with:

Grow business solutions internally with the right strategies and the right team

Provide buy-side advisory services to qualified executives, helping them successfully acquire platforms or add-ons.

Innovative concepts that redefine deep tech and biopharma breed an advanced generation of business leaders

An established private equity firm with a consistent track record, disciplined investment strategy and long-standing commitment to the middle market.

Nurturing acquired knowledge and distributing it to leaders who aim to stay on top of the competition and achieve extraordinary results.
Unapologetically aligns incentives and transforming startups into disciplined, world-class businesses