The DriveMeta values

Built on years of experience in growing businesses, DriveMeta employs a tried-and-true approach to growing revenue for your small and medium-sized business.

How we do things is just as important as what we do!

Having Integrity

Working openly with full disclosure and a style that encourages honesty and trust.

Being Down To Earth

Allowing people to be themselves and embracing our differences.

Doing The Right Thing

Working to maximize the benefits of shareholders, employees, and clients, by doing the right thing for all involved.

Making A Difference

There is great satisfaction in sharing what works and making a positive contribution.

Themos Pentakalos

Founding Partner

“After a successful 26-year career in technology, I founded DriveMeta. It takes that long to get sufficient experience and conviction about what works and what doesn’t. I’ve had the honor of working with incredible people from various businesses around the United States, in industries such as health and wellness, enterprise software, consumer electronics, financial services, entertainment, automotive, transportation, and utilities.

While there are nuances in each vertical market, there is indeed a formula for building a successful company. 

DriveMeta exists to help companies grow through implementing best practices in strategy, sales, marketing, operations, and M&A.

I get significant personal satisfaction from helping business owners grow their businesses.” 

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