Grow your Company Organically and Through M&A

DriveMeta works with business owners and CEOs to help drive growth through implementation of best practices in the areas of Sales and Marketing, M&A execution, Product Management, and Customer Success.

Focus on Small and Mid-Market Companies

DriveMeta works with companies from the start-up phase, through to your second or third PE transaction. There are distinct changes in the way a company behaves and grows in different maturity stages.

Let us help you achieve the next step in your growth trajectory.

Optimize Sales
And Marketing

Build a scalable Sales and Marketing engine that works in today’s business climate.

Drive Growth Through Acquisition

Carry out effective and synergistic acquisitions to ensure a strong return on your investment.

Customer Churn

Minimize churn through Product Management and Customer Success best practices.

Preparing For An Exit

Put the right initiatives in place to maximize valuation as you exit from angel/VC to PE.

Our Clients Get Real Value From Our Work

The last 3 years have reshaped the business climate. There are obvious changes to how people work, how software is sold, and how new technology is trending.

DriveMeta has the privilege of working with leaders across several industries throughout the US dealing with these issues on a daily basis.

Drive Significant Growth Through Best Practices

Whether you need to attain market dominance, stay ahead of competitors, or enter a new market, you don’t have time to experiment. You need to hit the ground running, using a formula that works. 

Let us help you implement best practices in the most critical business functions: Sales and Marketing, Product Management, and Customer Success.

Discover how we can help your business grow

Below is a partial list of the Private Equity and Venture teams we have worked with:

Grow business solutions internally with the right strategies and the right team
Innovative concepts that redefine deep tech and biopharma breed an advanced generation of business leaders

An established private equity firm with a consistent track record, disciplined investment strategy and long-standing commitment to the middle market.

Nurturing acquired knowledge and distributing it to leaders who aim to stay on top of the competition and achieve extraordinary results.
Unapologetically aligns incentives and transforming startups into disciplined, world-class businesses